No law says art should be confined to galleries

Jens Tillqvist is one of Sweden’s leading employment lawyers and a practised judge of art. Here is his top five innovative and agile business cultures

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The Stockholm subway provides its commuters with high-quality art. Isn’t it fantastic to enjoy high-quality art as you commute? The subway has a couple of stations that are weltklasse. My favourites are Kungsträdgården by Ulrik Samuelsson and Enskede Gård by Maria Miesenberger. Go there and enjoy permanent exhibitions of a class that you seldom experience on the art scene.


My youngest son’s day-care centre, Slottet. Picasso claimed he could paint like Rembrandt when he was a teenager, but that it took him a lifetime to learn how to paint as a child. I have six children. It is a great experience to see all the creative work by the children at a never-ending exhibition. No boundaries, no prejudice, no art school, but genuine creativity straight from the heart.


The Court of Appeal (Svea Hovrätt). The building has been renovated in a delicate way with beautiful interiors. You can find a lot of high-quality art work. Portraits of important people from the ancient legal community are combined with modern art in an interesting way. One of my all-time favorite paintings by Dick Bengtsson can be found here.


The office of Cederquist. When we moved to Blasieholmen, we had full man- date on how to design and decorate the large reception area in the office build- ing. Through an interesting collaboration between architects and leading Swed- ish artists, we created a state-of-the-art working environment for our employees and our visitors. It is to date by far the most creative project I have ever been involved in.


The law firm of Vinge. Jan Widlund was a partner at Vinge for many years and an art collector second to none in Sweden. He created a fantastic collection that can still be seen in the office. During breaks at negotiations I have been involved in, I have taken the opportunity to sneak around the corner to enjoy the fantastic art works on display.


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