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Anastsia Ax
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Anastasia Ax’s work is inspired by the idea of construction and its deconstruction and the countervailing forces released due to and as well before, during and after the process. For several years, she develops an artistic practice, in which the different mediums of sculpture, performance, ink drawing and sound interweave in the creation of a wordless language, indicative of our chaotic universe. Endless and in continuous flux and evolution, her immense installations by focusing on a transforming process, the visceral and emancipated energy explore and represent the circularity of life. The possibility to terminate and at the same time continue demonstrates a discontinuity or cancellation of time, a piece is never tied up or resolved and history can be reinterpreted. Paper, plaster and ink reveal their twofold nature as natural materials and further on as symbols of our intellectual culture, as creative means ready to fill out the void and as elements of poison, animus and melancholy. During weeks or months of reshaping her environment, the artist’s body becomes a tool of metamorphosis while she incorporates various roles, thus of an explosive machinery eructing black fluids or of an archeologist who collects, catalogues and evaluates debris and relics of her own destructive rage. To be ready to lose control or destroy denotes a detachment of the objects, an outlook against materialism which brings the artist closer to Buddhist philosophy and mandala creation. Creative and violent compulsions coexist simultaneously as a fertile field can be transformed into a battle ground or an apocalyptic cityscape. The audience is invited to emphasize the experience of her artistic views by participating, altering the work by leaving marks and traces.


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