Anna Afzelius-Alm

Anna Afzelius-Alm

I was born in Minneapolis, USA in 1975, grew up in Germany and have lived in Switzerland, England, and China. Now, I work and live in Sigtuna, Sweden. During the summer of 2015 I decided to follow my heart and paint full-time. Before that I had a professional carrier as management consultant. Although I am mainly self-taught in the arts, I have studied use design . Exile Professor Shahab Mousavizadeh from Teheran University of Arts was my mentor during high school years in Bonn, Germany. I also hold an MBA from Gothenburg School of Economics and Law, an MSc in Informatics from Gothenburg IT-University and have studied Mandarin at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. No matter how we feel, who we are or where we come from, a playful splash of color can brighten up our life. What we surround ourselves with becomes a part of us. Inspiring, colorful settings can raise our mood, help us reload our energy, stimulate our creativity, and open our minds for new, interesting things. This is what Anna strives for in her art. My perception is a vessel for the form the artwork takes. My painting style is expressive with a lot of colour. I like to keep things loose and love texture. That’s why my preferred painting tools are the tube and knife. I also enjoys working with water colours. My themes have evolved over time from merely figurative to also include abstract florals and landscapes.

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