Fernando Caceres

Fernando Caceres

As artist I walk a very fine line between the praxis of art making and the art practice. My art production is the reflexion of my itinerant background, indeed the fuel of my imagination is the landscapes of my personal history; which is compose by the encounters of everyday. As a migrant artist I have took the stand of the middle gaze, I am standing not here, neither there, in my stand has out looker and a actor, I critic and react to the immediacy of the events. As an art producer, I hold the ground on the art of making, on the accounts of my understanding of historic practices and techniques. In my work I combine the mastery of historical artist techniques with contemporary psychological renderings of both ancient and contemporary mythologies. My work is frequently embodies specific sociopolitical messages. As artist my space is some where between the imaginary and the real and concrete. I have delivery (on purpose) choose not to work with a single style. On the contrary I encourage myself to explore, learn and use other historical artist techniques to create my contemporary works of art. I like my art pieces to look archaic, old and attached to a historic period, while relay on the intellectualization and reaction of today events. I would like to capture the viewer to the material quality and details of the art object, introduce him or her to the complexity of the material process, the ways of production to get the final representation. I hope my work would facilitate the dialogue between history, story, fantasy and memory.

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