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Ida Magntorn
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Ida Mangtorn is a writer, journalist and photographer. Her books is sold all over the world such as in the MOMA shop in Soho, New York and her photographs has been published internationally in New york Magazine, The Guardian and Milk Decoration among others. In her latest book – Ett hem med omtanke (sep 2017, Roos&Tegnér) she focuses on how to relate to sustainability and environmental thinking while creating a beautiful home. "I am interested in light. How the light falls. What happens in a room when the daylight breaks through. How the shadows play. Reflections. I am fascinated by the light in paintings of Dutch and Danish masters as Vermeer and Hammershöi. The pictures in the serie Moments are mainly from Paris, New York and London. Cities where I met many interesting people and had the opportunity to visit their homes. A sensuous tone connect the diverse scenes: interiors and snapshots in urban surrondings, brittle flowers and fading garden rooms. My latest serie Omtanke, is essentialy shot in an unique house in Skåne, south of Sweden. From time to time the rooms are full of life, but remain untouched. Time is allowed to be still."


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