Nikki Fager

Nikki Fager

Nikki Fager. Born 1991 in Strömsnäsbruk, Sweden. Currently studying at Bergen academy of fine art. My artistic practice is built upon my thoughts about mine and others existance and non-existance. What and how we are and why? What led us here? What we were and what we then became when we were no longer souls in warm, living bodys? I'm exploring how different events effect people and places. From the smallest of things that at first glance seem unimportant, to those that shake the earth to the core. Nothing is ever just a total ”nothing” – there is always someone (or something) that was touched and won't forget. I'm interested in the phenomenon death (the big sorrow) and the potential afterlife (the light that won't go out). Places and people that have been abandoned, those who were left behind and remain when someone else died or disappeared -- how they feel, what they remember; what happens and its consequences; the unpredictability and powerlessness; the mystery and the feeling of trying to catch a cloud in a clenched fist. Memories of events and feelings, taking various forms, attaching to buildings walls and peoples innermost. I tell human stories; things that I think a lot of us – from our individual perspectives – can relate to.

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