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Peel, Shear, Tensile, 2017

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210 x 133 x 60 cm

Sketch for Peel, Shear, Tensile
ELASTER, a two person exhibition with Liva Isakson Lundin and Joakim Heidvall at Galleri Väst, Konstakademien, Stockholm. These two artists, whose works are simultaneously exhibited in SAK's annual exhibition in Galleri Öst and make up part of SAK’s annual art lottery 2017, present new large scale works exhibited for the first time in Sweden.

Opening hours: Oct 4–6 11:00–17:00, Oct 7–8 12:00–16:00 2017.
Konstakademien, Galleri Väst, Fredsgatan 12, (Jakobsgatan 27 C/lift) Stockholm.
Free admission.
Artist talk with Liva Isakson Lundin and Joakim Heidvall on Sunday Oct. 8 at 13.00.


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