Artworks is how artists and art venues meet

What's so exciting about Artworks?

We help you to maintain your online presence. We make it easier for more people to understand and fall in love with your work. Educating the audience plays a crucial role in achieving fame.

We connect and introduce you to prospective galleries and exhibitors.

We want to help you to focus on the things that matters to you - create art and bring that art in front of more people - whether your dream gallery, exhibition partner, a seasoned art collector or tomorrow’s ones.

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How does it work?

Little to lose

It doesn’t take much energy to list your work. Once you make a sale, Artworks’ transaction fee is 25% which includes shipment, transaction charges and post sales.

Admin tool

Our admin tool makes it easy to tell the world what you are up to and get to to know your audience (who check out your work…).


When preferred we help with transportation, payments and even professional mounting and installation.

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Want to see more?

We love going to great museums, but finding out about them can be difficult and time consuming. When everyday life eats up most of your time, you need a reliable and easy tool to help you explore the art world around you.

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